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Three Part Lecture Series on the Physical and the Spiritual Body


All men brave out of fear except philosophers: they are lovers of Sophia. Sophia being the female aspect of Logos, the Gnostic Knowledge of God.

The audacious soul inclines toward the body because it does not realize that this body to which it is subjecting itself, is none other than its own reflection in the mirror of matter.



" The unrelated human being lacks wholeness, for he can achieve wholeness through the Soul. The psyche proves to be a half bodily, half spiritual substance "Anima Media Natura", as the alchemists call it; a hermaphroditic being, capable of uniting the opposites, though who is never complete in the individual, unless related to another individual."

Carl Gustav Jung

The Cabalistic teachings of medieval Jews as well as Gnostic Christian writings of the 2nd Century describe the act of Word Made Flesh as androgynous. God created man - ADAM to his own image androgynous. The removal of the feminine into another form symbolizes the beginning of the fall from perfection into duality.

"To man I am Hermes to woman I appear as Aphrodite"

Boddhisattva is androgynous.

From the tantric point of view each being contains the whole Universe. The collective Unconscious is the realm of the psyche where non-duality prevails. The fundamental concept of Tantra is recognition of polarity. Integration of polarity is the core of Tantric practice: the union of male and female energies, matter and spirit, active and passive principles, wisdom and compassion, the unifying principle personified by Avalokiteshvara (the Buddha of Compassion).

The principle of opposites is equally of primary importance in Jung's psychology. For Jung, opposition is inherent in the structure of the psyche, as it is in the Cosmos.

On the psychological level, the significance of the principle of opposites lies in the fact that the psyche is a dynamic unity, a self regulating system in which Consciousness and the Unconscious are complementary to each other.  To deny one or the other results in one-sidedness, disequilibrium and hence loss of wholeness.

“ It is a fundamental mistake to imagine that when we see the non-value in a value or the untruth in the truth, the value or the truth ceases to exist.  It has only become relative. Everything human is relative, because everything rests on an inner polarity.”  wrote Carl Gustav Jung.


In the gallery stage area an enclosure was created by semi-transparent mirror foil and it had the word "Intuition" written on it. A sequence of slides were projected from outside making the the interior disappear and reappear between slides. Behind this curtain sat the performer and a Buddhist image of two dancing skeletons were painted  behind with fluorescent paint and lit with ultraviolet light . In front an "all seeing eye" was lit by a slow-blinking strobe light.

While the artist was reading his lecture from the bathroom, live video feed showed two gay man kissing on the monitors.