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Public Punishment

hitting the Seven Chakras

A flagellation ritual performed with the help of the gallery director, while a lesbian BSDM couple was filmed in the bathroom of the gallery.

three part lecture series on the physical and the spiritual body

and a special performance:

“the three sons of Viracocha”

három részes elöadássorozat

a fizikai és a spirituális teströl

és egy speciális performance:

“Viracocha három fia”

half a dozen rose gallery, Venice California 1995-1996

The three part lecture series were co-produced with Andras Wahorn and Sabine Gebser in 1995.

The Viracocha performance in 1996 utilized the talent of dancer Sylvia Simmons.

All four  events were held at half a dozen rose gallery, Venice, California with generous support by Sabine Gebser gallery proprietor and her staff.

A háromrészes elöadássorozat Wahorn András és Sabine Gebser segítségével készült 1995-ben.

A Viracocha performance1996-ban Sylvia Simmons táncos közremüködésével készült.

Mind a négy esemény a half a dozen rose gallery, Venice, Californiában, Sabine Gebser galériatulajdonos és stábja nagylelkü segitségével készült.

Three Part Lecture Series on the Physical and the Spiritual Body

Adam Kadmon

what is above is what is below

A lecture given about the Sephirotic Tree of Life projected on the human body while a heterosexual couple having intercourse in the gallery bathroom.


awakening of the Heart Chakra

A lecture given about the non-dualistic, intuitive consciousness while a gay couple kissing in the gallery's bathroom and projected to the audience on monitors.

a Peruvian mystical travelogue

A travelogue into the ancient past of the Inca Empire with a bigger than life priest, a Peruvian dancer and a dog.

Special performance:  The Three Sons of Viracocha

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